Use Direct Response Marketing Add On Sales Techniques

Creating a successful direct response marketing campaign will take both time and money. Many times it is a lengthy process that includes testing and evaluating an ad several times before it is worthy for the public. But, once an ad is on air and the public is responding the real work will begin.

Companies that choose to create these specialized types of campaigns often use third party providers to answer calls and emails for orders from prospective customers. These third parties, when trained properly, can help to sell more complementary items to customers and greatly increase overall profit.

An example of this type of sale would be to offer a customer who has bought an item such as skin cream an additional 3-month supply for a discount. This could greatly increase the overall sale and reduce the ROI of the entire direct response ad if only 10% of the customers decide to purchase in 3 fold what they were planning to initially.

Also, email campaigns that are sent out on a later date can be excellent follow up advertising. These work well when they include a survey about the product. After the survey, the customer is given a special rate for a new product. Customers respond well to this type of offer because many of us are taught that we shouldn’t respond to a deal that is too good to be true. But, if a customer has invested the time to fill out a survey they will feel more entitled to receive the promotion offered.

Regular email campaigns and secondary offers given at the time of the initial offer are incredible methods to adding on sales. Promotional cards and other types of print materials that are included in a package are also wonderful ways to capture the attention of customers. Clear calls to action and time limits are the key to these types of offers.

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