Brand Marketers Continue to Advertise with Direct Response Television

Direct Response Television was first created in the 1980’s. Since the introduction of this clever style of advertising, many creative marketers have found additional methods of utilizing it for products, services and lead generation efforts.

Initially this type of marketing was used primarily to sell retail products at low price points. We can still see this today in items such as blankets that you can wear called Snuggies and other popular branded products.

Marketing tactics such as a strong call to action with a buy now message were introduced. Limited availability and time to buy drove consumers to pick up the phone and place orders quickly.

Marketers soon discovered that they could use the same tactics to sell large ticket items such as pricey juicer machines by purchasing a larger time slot. They would state the benefits several times. They would also use the larger time slot to show a live feed of limited items sold.

These long versions of Direct Response Television marketing methods were named what is commonly known today as infomercials. Today we see infomercials for a multitude of consumer products including cosmetics, exercise equipment and more. Confident retailers need a warehouse and an inbound order service to have a successful infomercial program.

Direct Response Television has continued to progress as a marketing tool and expand to meet more business needs. Companies that do not sell consumer products have learned how to benefit from this type of advertising as well.

These companies include some very large corporations that use DRTV for lead generation activities. Some familiar names that use this method frequently are AAA Insurance, Bank of America, DirecTV, Dish Network and many, many more.

The power of marketing directly to consumers through television should not be underestimated. Ad agencies use this strategy for their largest campaigns to create great interest to a brand quickly. They are able to measure the message the success of the message and the interest of the consumer in a short period of time due to the strong call to action for the consumer to call or log on online. There is no easier way to create a contact, inbound marketing campaign.

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