Successful Direct Response Television with Super Bowl slots

Many advertisers are confident in using expensive super bowl advertising time slots to place ads for their products or services. Many of these advertisers use Direct Response Television ads for these slots.

DRTV ads allow companies that have paid millions in television time to reap the benefits almost immediately. This helps to avoid any lapse time between the business quarter that the ad ran in and the business quarter that sales were made.

By asking consumers to respond directly by phone (many times a toll free phone number) or by logging in online, websites and phone banks experience immediate results in website traffic and phone calls. Sales can be made quickly and the investment of the Super Bowl ad will be successful.

There are several recognizable companies that choose to use Super Bowl ads to create consumer interest. Many of these companies are not selling products. They are selling consumer services and collecting leads.

Recognizable companies that use Super Bowl ad space and Direct Response Television for lead generation are eTrade,, Cash4Gold and American Express among hundreds of others.

Cash4Gold is rumored to be one of the most successful marketing campaigns associated with both a Super Bowl time slot and Direct Response Television style ads. Their first Super Bowl ad ran in the year 2009.

Cash4Gold and other companies seeking to invest in a high cost ad will benefit from preparing for a fast influx of consumers. A larger phone center may need to contract for phone calls and a strong web-hosting source must be contracted as well. If one of these contact methods fail, the commercial space and overall campaign may fail.

Direct Response Television is an advertising method that creates immediate results as possible consumers view an ad. In addition to creating a strong branding message, these advertisements must create a clear call to action that direct consumers to call in or log in online and quickly give out their information. Ad agencies can see clear performance strengths of a campaign within just hours from the time an ad aired. This is an exciting and proven method of advertising on TV.

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