Steve Glick
Steve Glick is the founding partner and CEO of xClosure, Inc. and is an experienced business leader. He is a quick learner, intelligent and a highly motivated and driven individual. He is skilled at working with all levels of people and understands how to motivate people sufficiently to get them performing at the highest levels. He is also skilled at working with top performers and understands the dynamics associated with keeping these top performers engaged. Steve is a skilled negotiator who enjoys creating transactions with business leaders of any size company and seeks to bring maximum value to table. He is a trusted and well respected businessman.

Steve has been heavily involved in consumer marketing and the direct response industry for over 20 years and has been the recipient of the Greensheet award for best self-help infomercial.  He is also a founding partner of ENUF Direct, a corporate training company. Prior to launching these organizations, Steve was the CEO of a revolutionary speed-reading company where he was instrumental in launching a worldwide direct marketing campaign, selling nearly 1 million units and generating approximately $200 million in revenue on a single product. He has consulted with hundreds of companies, helping them organize and assemble mass marketing opportunities through TV, radio, social media, print and online/digital marketing in both domestic and international markets. He has influenced over 1 billion dollars in revenue for his clients over the years, set up international marketing channels, and has lead start-up companies to become multi-million dollar businesses. As an experienced CEO, Steve understands all internal management functions, along with the various marketing channels, B2B and B2C selling, campaign operations, along with product and business development, all of which makes him a valuable component in any business venture.

His executive and leadership skills have created numerous opportunities for both clients and working partners. His most recent venture was creating a new dynamic startup company called 3Gaps.  He is one of the founding partners of 3Gaps along with Hyrum Smith, the original founder of Franklin Covey.

Tony Glick
Tony Glick is the one of the Founding Partners and President of xClosure and possesses years of executive leadership skills and experience. Tony is an exceptional small and large business strategist. He can scale small business project into large operations. He has influenced billions in revenue through his business leadership. Tony has worked in the Direct Response industry for 16 years B2B and B2C experience. He has built powerful marketing relationships and has learned to harness the power of marketing channels such as TV, radio, internet, affiliates, HSN, QVC, and retail. Tony also has a unique ability to scale offline sales operations. Recently he scaled a small sales division of four people to over 600 salespeople and 200 support agents in six different countries, with over 10,000 sales per day and over 5 million dollars in revenue per week. Tony has successfully built inbound, outbound and support operations for consumer products in travel, education, houseware, scrapbooking, apparel, marketing services, self-help, hardware, fitness, and health & wellness.

Tony has impeccable business acumen and integrity. He understands the value of company culture and leads in the trenches by example. Tony has a passion for people, he has endless energy and is highly driven to succeed at everything he does.