Our Successes

The management team at xClosure has been at the center of some of the most successful direct response campaigns of all time. Their experience has helped them to refine their proprietary formula, increasing their ability to create brilliant campaigns.

xClosure’s CEO – Steve Glick – got his start in the direct response industry over 15 years ago, while working as the CEO of infinite mind. The company began to market EyeQ – an innovative, speed-reading, software package – and Steve decided to push EyeQ through direct response. Consumer response to the product was excellent and business began booming. EyeQ became a direct response phenomenon, with sales reaching over $200 million. The business continued to evolve, and Tony Glick was recruited to developed an outbound sales division for EyeQ, which brought in an extra 8 million in sales annually.

Steve fell in love with the direct response industry and stepped down from his position at infinite mind to pursue his dream of forming a direct response management company. Tony Glick joined Steve in the creation of his new venture. The team was joined soon after by Ryan Gustafson, who added a strong network of affiliates to xClosure’s already robust DR services. Their first client was Your Baby Can Read. The management team gave their very best efforts to the Your Baby Can Read campaign, and their efforts paid off in a huge way. Your Baby Can Read became a runaway success, selling both nationally and internationally, generating in excess of $90 million in yearly revenue. Two years after the campaign was launched Your Baby Can Read was presented with the Direct Response Marketer of the Year award at the D.R.M.A. convention in Las Vegas, Nevada.

xClosure continues to use their proprietary formula to help clients achieve extraordinary returns on their investments. xClosure has helped clients successfully market a wide variety of products including: dietary supplements, exercise equipment, scrap-booking supplies, kitchen gadgets, educational programs, and much much more.

The management team at xClosure has over 15 years of industry experience and they have received numerous awards including the Greensheet Award for infomercial excellence. xClosure will continue to launch successful campaigns and will continue to be a powerful influence in the DR industry. If you are considering launching a product through direct response, give us a call.

For direct questions contact Steve Glick at 801.560.4605

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