Our Accomplishments

xClosure continues to use its proprietary formula to help clients achieve extraordinary returns on their investments. xClosure has helped clients successfully market a wide variety of products including dietary supplements, exercise equipment, scrap-booking supplies, kitchen gadgets, educational programs, and much more.

The company has received recognition and awards including the Greensheet Award for infomercial excellence. xClosure will continue to be a stable and powerful influence in the industry. If you are considering launching a mass-marketable product or need an infusion to your existing product or service, please give us a call.

A summary of a few of their accomplishments is listed here:

  • Generated millions of dollars on a software product
  • Successfully launched several long-form infomercials generating an average of 3+ MER
  • Drove $30 million in annual sales for a single product
  • Escalated online lead generation revenue from $528,000 to $2.3 million in one year
  • Reduced a products inbound return rate from 40% to 28%
  • Rebounded a radio campaign from a 1.2 to a 4.5 MER
  • Reduced an infomercial cost from $75 per call to $35 per call
  • Maintained a campaign’s weekly online marketing ROI between 600-900%
  • Launched and managed a website producing $700,000 in weekly revenue
  • Launched the Your Baby Can Read phenomenon
  • Received “Greensheet Award” for infomercial excellence – best self-help infomercial
  • Startup level to multi-million-dollar business
  • Established an outbound sales division which generated over $7.5 million per year
  • Generated $5 million in revenue from a radio campaign in only 8 months
  • Generated over 5 million dollars in revenue through an internal affiliate network
  • Designed websites with conversion rates at 4 -15%
  • Established “Save the Sale” program for numerous clients
  • Monthly revenue saved through customer service – 15-19%
  • Designed an incentive program that resulted in a 150% increase in weekly sales
  • Built an outbound organization of 60+ employees, generating 22 million in sales
  • Implemented a new management structure that resulted in a 100% increase in annual revenues
  • Have managed and trained 100s of salespeople across the globe

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