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Welcome to the Big Ideas – Inventor’s Contest submissions page!

Although our current contest is closed, we are always looking for new products – please submit your invention in the application below.

We look forward to learning about your product!

Deal Points

  • The product finalists will enter into a licensing agreement with Laurus Products whereby each finalist will be paid from a negotiated royalty off gross revenue.
  • By virtue of the submission of your product and Laurus Product’s sponsoring event, both parties hereby agree to a mutual NDA / Non Compete / Non Circumvent agreement whereby Laurus Products agrees to retain the application and any attached files as confidential information and will not disclose the confidential information to any third party or use them to the benefit of Laurus Products unless agreed upon in writing.
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*If you are having trouble submitting your application or uploading files, email them directly to or call 801.438.2110 for additional help. Please email any YouTube video links to and put your name in the subject line.