Call Center Services

Call Center Services

Types of Clients: Inbound, outbound, and customer service. We have serviced, educational programs, health and beauty, exercise, real estate, financial products, supplements, home and garden, household, corporate sales, sponsorships, along with a variety of other categories.

Agents : The agents are ambitious, reliable, hard-working, willing to learn and are results oriented. We offer a bilingual call center solution. Our Spanish speaking agents have a high level of English proficiency.

Set Up: We have a standard agreement in place and ready to go. New clients will simply fill out a client profile information form and send us information about the product. Pricing and terms for the consumer will be established, an order portal will be provided by the client and we’ll set aside some time for product training. Our staff can draft a sales script or re-write an existing script. All deliverables will be approved by the client. Outbound campaigns are most effective when a discount is offered along with some bonus gifts.

Deposit/ Retainer: The initial deposit amount is calculated based on the initial number of seats/agents.

Scaling: This is a boutique call center solution with a 50+ seat capability. The number of agents we assign to an account is based on the client needs and expectations. For many campaigns, we recommend a first testing phase of 5-10 agents. We can scale a dedicated campaign to 50+ agents within 30 days. We need to determine what type of an account this is, (CX, tech support or sales) as this will determine our hiring/scale capability along with whether the client needs a bilingual asset or not.

Outbound capabilities: Not all calls to the inbound call center will result in sales. xClosure will follow up on abandoned calls and close missed sales to maximize your ROI. If the potential consumer showed interest, but did not purchase because the price was too high, the product can be offered at a discount through outbound sales.

Dialer: Predictive, power and preview dialing capability.

Inbound capabilities: We can run a dedicated inbound campaign or blend with other campaigns (shared agents)

Greatest strengths: We use technology to solve issues, and create greater efficiency. We have developers to build sales tools, dashboards and can integrate data between our businesses. We’re a performance based organization, and develop incentives and goals with all our agents that are in line with organizational and client goals.

Why we are different: Our culture is performance based and we expect all agents to contribute to client goals. With regards to sales, there are many competitors who are purely hourly and act more as an outsource staffing agency, but lack the sales skills necessary for certain campaigns. We produce results, it’s why our clients continue to work with us.

Type of Equipment Used: Dialer Technology, SQL Databases, XML, Online Dashboard reporting. Our cloud call center dialer has the capability to live monitor all the agent’s activities such as breaks, lunch, call time and more. It also has reporting capabilities to keep track of any highlighted KPI or Metric. The ADMIN user can be provided to any Manager, Client or any assigned POC.

IVR: We can develop and manage an inbound or outbound IVR. Scripting, software, etc.

Virtual Assistants

We care about your business by understanding how valuable your time is. Our virtual assistants can help you reduce time on administrative or any other tasks which do not require a strategic decision making.

If you need a customized service this is your place. Our virtual assistants can learn new skills and systems tailored to your business. By hiring a virtual assistant, you are hiring a new member of your team who you can develop and train in any specific tasks.

Our assistants can address the following jobs:

  • Administrative assistance
  • Digital marketing assistant
  • Telemarketer
  • Amazon FBA
  • Data entry
  • E-commerce coordinator and more…

xClosure a Technology Consultant

NICE inContact is the world’s largest cloud enterprise customer experience platform.

The company represents many of the fortune 100 companies, along with businesses of all sizes. Their systems interface in multiple languages, with extensive integration options. This is the most complete, easiest and most reliable solution for companies to achieve their customer experience goals.

  • Omnichannel Routing
  • Reporting and Analytics
  • Workforce Optimization
  • Unified User Experience

You can pay for what you use, scale up or down the account as needed. Bottom line, their systems will help improve customer satisfaction, increase sales and reduce operational costs, along with identifying risks and prevent fraud.

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