Full Management

The Full Management agreement is ideally suited for those who have a product and are in need of an experienced management team to oversee all aspects of the direct response campaign from start to finish, this includes: strategic campaign planning, infomercial creation, setting up contracts and agreements with key vendors, management and coordination of the campaign’s operations including: technical support, call center activity, product fulfillment and distribution, inventory control, web-site management, vendor management, and daily monitoring of all campaign activity. Client will be involved via an advisory board that will meet on a regular basis. Compensation is based on a TBD consulting fee, royalty percentage, and equity basis.

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Full Advisory

The Full Advisory agreement is ideally suited for clients who have a management team in place, and would like to take advantage of valuable industry insights that xClosure has gained from launching some of the most successful direct response campaigns of all time. Under the full advisory agreement xClosure will advise the client on a weekly basis. xClosure will also provide the client with the very best resources including: key vendors, in-house reporting tools, and strategic campaign advice. Continued consultations, troubleshooting, and brainstorming will be available throughout the life of the campaign. Compensation is based on a TBD consulting fee, royalty percentage, and in some cases an equity basis.

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Itemized Consulting

Itemized Consulting is ideally suited for those who have launched a campaign and are seeking the help of an expert direct consultant to maximize the ROI on the campaign. xClosure will use their proprietary formula to analyze the campaign and find ways to increase its performance. The services will be tailored specifically to the individual needs of the client. Compensation is based on a TBD consulting fee and royalty percentage.