TV Advertising

Our marketing and direct response television (DRTV) prompts consumers to respond directly to the company; usually through an 800 number or by visiting a web site. Short forms of TV advertising are generally between 30 seconds and 2 minutes in length, and have a lower selling point. Long form infomercials are normally 28 minutes in length, have a higher selling price than short form products, and require a longer time to explain the benefits and features of the product. The goal of the commercial pitch from our elite sales team is to elicit an immediate response from the consumer. The more compelling the pitch, the more consumers will respond. Common elements of an infomercial spot include the product pitch, testimonials, limited time offer, free bonus items, a call now number and the spot should always end with a call to action.

Involved in the selection of the production company

  • Testimonial development
  • Set up/manage pilot programs
  • Initiate/manage the claim substantiation process
  • Conduct focus groups
  • Determine offer strategies, premium gifts, music, location, voice over and talent
  • Involved in the creative process and scripting
  • Attend host, testimonial and production shoots

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Radio allows even greater access to defined demographics and locations. Ad agencies generally purchase radio based on a target demographic. Radio ads can create emotional reactions in listeners, reinforce the infomercial and drive traffic to the website. Radio can be an effective, low-cost medium through which a business can reach their target consumer.
  • Involved in the selection process of the media buyer
  • Oversee reporting and metrics
  • Ensure the ramp-up and roll-out process is efficient
  • Maximize advertising dollars
  • Continued MER analysis
  • Weekly calls with account executive
  • Guide the creative and offer approval process

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Social Media Marketing

xClosure Inc., is bringing big business strategies to small businesses! That’s right, we are applying nearly 20 years of big brand marketing to our social media clients. We know how to get you in front of thousands of social media users each month, and it is much cheaper and easier than you think!

Our social media ads via Facebook and Instagram are highly personalized, so that customers can relate to the product or service we are marketing. Studies prove that social media followers tend to trust a brand that has been seen multiple times. In addition, the more times your brand is seen, the more people will talk about you, and the more they talk about you the more valuable your brand will become. Your viewers will become clients, not just leads.

92% of marketers are claiming that social media marketing was important, with 80% indicating that their efforts increased visibility and traffic to their businesses. One of the great benefit is increased brand recognition. Our goal is to make your business more accessible to your customers by helping you become more familiar, more likeable and more credible to them.

Our social media marketing campaigns will also create more brand loyalty. 53% of Americans who follow brands on social media are proven to be more loyal to those brands. We will drive your customers to your brand and then give them a reason to be loyal to that brand long term. Social media provides the greatest platform to advertise your business at low affordable pricing. A well targeted social media campaign will reduce your overall marketing costs. Our product is a campaign that produces sustained profitability. When it comes to social media, do it correctly, and don’t wait!

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Website development and online marketing services are key components to any marketing campaign. xClosure will provide direction on how best to drive more traffic and more sales to your website. In addition, xClosure will evaluate the design elements of your website and will make appropriate recommendations to design and functionality.

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An opportunity to double, triple or even quadruple your current revenue! Many online/e-commerce companies are generating revenue purely through online transactions. While the percentage of people buying online is steadily increasing, the desire for human interaction is still alive and well, and needed for many online shoppers. The question many companies have is; how do you do it effectively without losing traffic and sales? The key to this campaign is understanding value in the human touch. We will provide you with a smart and strategic plan to test this approach. If the numbers prove out, we will provide you with a scalable approach to continue building your brand and your revenue stream. Our goal is to help grow the business and convert people into lifelong customers. We have the skill set to manage the campaign from test to full roll out.

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