Elite Sales Teams

Over the years xClosure has focused heavily on hiring and training elite sales teams on various products and services. We understand that sales are the life-blood of a company and getting the right sales team to perform well is a critical component for any type of business.

Our philosophy is simple. We know if people are passionate and have a purpose in their lives, they are generally winners. Winners listen and learn how to sell at a rapid rate. Our sales techniques are easy to understand and will be customized to the product you sell. We have an entire sales curriculum that pushes salespeople to perfection. We train on topics in a simplistic way that makes it enjoyable to learn and desire to grow. Our policy is you don’t learn something new until you have perfected something old.
This is the projected growth for your business with help from our elite sales teams in Holladay, UT.

xClosure’s training division is staffed with talented speakers (multi-language), sales-minded individuals, with like-minded entrepreneurial traits, all driven towards success. These trainers have spent the majority of their lives working on a performance basis so they understand fully the concept of “return on investment”. Our trainers are passionately committed to our philosophies and to our unique training methods.

We are not a “just feel good training program” for your employees. We are a bold organization that will inspire and teach valuable life skills and sales principles, along with focusing on specific product training if needed. Our training will change lives and push salespeople to their limits and help them reach their full potential. We are completely different from all other training and development companies. We incorporate lifestyle changes, behavior modification and focus on proven sales training techniques to help build a more powerful and dedicated sales team for your organization. These training are “jaw-dropping” experiences that will inspire, motivate and lift performance.

Business organizations flat out depend on motivated and successful salespeople and yet some organizations under-invest in the sales effort, leaving their company vulnerable to underachieving salespeople and lower profits. The art of selling is still a skill and has to be developed and honed in along the way. Our training will help to increase confidence levels and will provide salespeople with all the required tools and skills to be successful, both on the job and in their personal lives. In addition to keeping your top producers inspired and well prepared, we’ve developed a “sales rehab” approach that targets primarily the mid and low-level producers. Our goal here is to help improve the skill level of your lower producing salespeople, thus increasing your profits and minimizing the potential turnover costs. We are confident the increase in sales revenue from just our “sales rehab training” will far outweigh our training costs. In the end, your organization will have a stronger, more loyal and motivated sales team.


Training Fees: Based on number of agents and frequency – Please call for pricing.
Expenses: The client pays travel and accommodation costs. (Expenses with prior approval)

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